Livret#1 / Manifeste

LIVRET#1 / MANIFESTE is the manifesto of my artistic work and tell my approach and what I’m building around this notion of landscape.

All the photographs used for the layout of the booklet were switch in monochrom in order to nullify the hierarchy that can be read between the multiple images. Thus, every photograph is the equal of another, and the reader can focus on the writing.

Here is some extract of the booklet:

Le paysage, au même titre qu’au cinéma il y a le western et la science-fiction, est un genre.
The landscape, in the same way as in the cinema there are western and science-fiction, is a genre.

Je ne montre pas ce que l’on veut voir, je montre ce que l’on ne veut pas voir.
I don’t show what we want to see, I show what we don’t want to see.

paper, booklet hardback by hand, 55 pages

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