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The second edition of festival DIRECT was held from the 10th to the 14th of may in Dijon, France.



Direct is a non lucrative organization created by Victor Tsaconas in May 2015, that revolves around a yearly festival set in may. It promotes experimental, improvised and electronic music in all its different shapes, from experimental poetry to noise, or electronica to free improvisation. It was inspired by the work within the post-graduation diploma Arts et créations sonores at ENSA Bourges. Direct acts also as a think tank for everyone whose interested in alternative genres of music. All the graphic conception are made by french illustrator and graphist Alexandre Korobov.

You can follow the organization for not missing anything through the facebook page.

Artist and musicians :

Marion Cros
Morgane Roumegoux
Julie Michel
Simon Deterne
Gaël Moissonnier
Victor Tsaconas
Julien Pauthier
Sébastien Lemporte
Andréa Spartà
Blanchecaille enragée
tiroir aux alouettes (de Schrödinger)

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