Promenons-nous dans les bois…

PROMENONS-NOUS DANS LES BOIS is an installation in which the viewer is confronted at a too large video projection. By proposing a slow and evolutionary soundtrack thought to immerse and englobe that gradually fill the projection space that’s too small, thus expanding its borders, but with no hindsight possible, the viewer is projected in the video and become actor of it.
The installation is a fiction in the mental space of the character whose strangely attracted by this unknown and nearly imperceptible buzzing sound. Romanticism and ecology mix together to tell a strange love story, that is born from this queer encounter, borrowing from cinema as well as contemporary art video or contemporary and experimental music, to create an immersive experience which push ad absurdum my fascination for electric poles and this 50 Hertz buzzing sound that we’re constantly living with, without even noticing it.
The work was realised in september 2015 with the help of young photographer and cinematographer Nicolas Coupet, and shown for the first time during the collective exhibition of the post-graduation Arts et créations sonores Acustica promotion, from the 24th september to the 1st october 2015 at ENSA Bourges.

Promenons-nous dans les bois… from Victor Tsaconas on Vimeo.

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